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The Osaka International Business Promotion Center (hereinafter "Osaka IBPC") has, in line with the purpose of the laws and ordinances concerning protection of personal information, established and put into practice this privacy policy for personal information of customers, etc. in connection with executing the operation and management of Intex Osaka (hereinafter "Intex") exhibition halls, hosting trade fairs, and engaging in other business activities, etc. of Osaka IBPC as follows.

Collection of Personal Information

In order to provide better service to our customers, Osaka IBPC occasionally collects the personal information of our customers within the necessary scope. The information shall be collected only for specifically limited purposes to the best of our efforts, and the scope of personal information to be collected shall not exceed the extent necessary to accomplish the purposes of collecting the information. Further, only by appropriate and fair means shall the information be collected. When any personal information is collected, the purpose of use of such information shall be promptly announced publicly or notified to the person relevant to the collected information, unless the purpose of use thereof has already been announced publicly.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Except in the event that consent of the customer relevant to the information is obtained in advance or that it is stipulated by law as an exceptional case, Osaka IBPC does not handle personal information in excess of the scope necessary to accomplish the purposes of use publicly announced below:

  1. To give commercial notices concerning trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, and other business activities hosted by Osaka IBPC or held at Intex;
  2. To implement various procedures concerning customers' use of the services of Osaka IBPC or Intex and to contact the customers;
  3. To execute business operations necessary for communicating and providing necessary materials, charging expenses, and confirming payments in connection with trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, and other business activities hosted by Osaka IBPC or held at Intex;
  4. To implement questionnaire surveys for planning and developing services offered at Intex or activities hosted by Osaka IBPC, or for improving customer satisfaction;
  5. To send the brochures and public relations magazines of Osaka IBPC and Intex or invitation letters, etc. for events held at Intex;
  6. To dispatch electronic mails and notices to advise our customers of the services, campaigns, or gifts of Osaka IBPC and Intex;
  7. To use for the purposes stated at the time of obtaining the personal information; and
  8. In addition to the foregoing, to use for purposes associated with the purposes of use prescribed above.

When Osaka IBPC uses any personal information jointly with specific third parties, the items of personal information to be jointly used, the scope of such third parties to jointly use the same, the purposes of use by such parties, and the persons responsible for management of the relevant personal information, along with the fact that the information is to be used jointly with such third parties, shall in advance be put in a readily accessible condition for the person relevant to such personal information.

Provision to Third Parties

Except to the extent stipulated by law as exceptional cases, no personal information shall be provided to a third party without obtaining the consent of the relevant customer in advance.
Further, when Osaka IBPC entrusts the handling of any personal information to a third party in order to outsource the business operations listed as the purposes of use, necessary measures to supervise such a third party shall be implemented.

Suspension of Use of Personal Information

Osaka IBPC acknowledges that any person is entitled to request disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, suspension of disclosure to a third party, and notification of the purposes of use with respect to his/her own personal information pursuant to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws and ordinances. If any such request is made to Osaka IBPC, necessary actions shall immediately be taken in response thereto pursuant to the procedures prescribed by Osaka IBPC.

Security Control of Personal Information

Osaka IBPC will take appropriate measures to prevent divulgence, loss, or impairment of the information collected thereby or otherwise to ensure the security control of the same.

Revision of Privacy Policy

In order to ensure that customers can use the services of Osaka IBPC and Intex without undue worries, Osaka IBPC reviews its privacy policy from time to time, and makes necessary revisions. The privacy policy reflecting such revisions will be published on the website of Intex.

Inquiries about Personal Information

For any inquiries concerning the privacy policy of Osaka IBPC or its disclosures, etc., please contact:

Osaka International Business Promotion Center (Intex Osaka) General Affairs Section

1-5-102, Nanko-Kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka,

TEL:+81-6-6612-8800 /

Available hours: from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
(except national holidays and year-end/New Year holidays)

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