Notice: The Outbreak of Pneumonia Caused by a New Coronavirus

A new type of pneumonia related to coronavirus has broken out in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China.
Also, it was revealed that there were some patients infected with new coronavirus in Nara, Osaka, Kyoto prefecture in January 2020.
It is said that with the onset of the pneumonia, it causes respiratory symptoms such as fever and cough. The elderly and those with underlying diseases may become more severe.

1. Take regular measures against infectious diseases, such as wearing a mask and washing your hands.

Wash your hands frequently with water and soap, and after going out or coughing, thoroughly wash your hands before touching your mouth, nose, or eyes.
If you have symptoms such as coughing, please cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, wear a surgical mask to prevent infection to people around you, and avoid places with many people.

2. If you have any symptoms, please contact public health center and consult a medical institution.

If you have symptoms such as cough or fever, wear a mask and contact a public health center in advance, and consult a medical institution immediately.
Please make sure that you have a history of staying in Wuhan when you consult.

3. Information on how to consult a medical institution

The Japan National Tourism Association (JNTO) operates a 24-hour Japan Visitor Hotline. This multilingual hotline can be used for accident and emergency situations. Please check below JNTO official web site for more information.

We appreciate your understanding that our INTEX OSAKA staff also may wear a mask for virus prevention.

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